Nick Khan is set to take control of WWE

Nick Khan has made massive decisions ever since he joined WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Nick Khan is set to take control of WWE

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about how much Vince McMahon can still carry out the entire WWE alone, with all the sides and details of the company that would still be treated in detail by the now almost eighty-year-old Vince, after a very tiring career that lasts.

(plus and minus year) for over 40 years. Ever since WWE's first boom in the United States, which became a global phenomenon, Vince McMahon has done everything to make his company successful across the globe, trying to expand his markets more and more.

WWE, both in the USA and in all other continents of the world. All this, however, will certainly have repercussions on the body and mind of the patron of the Stamford company, who by now tired of the thousands and thousands of sleepless nights, will one day think of leaving the throne of the WWE or even when mother nature decides that his journey on this earth will be finished.

But when Vince McMahon no longer heads WWE, who will take his place? Over the years, the most disparate conjectures and hypotheses have been made, from the names of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to that of the eldest son Shane, passing through a board of directors of several people that should instead decide for the WWE.

In the last few hours, however, Dave Meltzer wanted to raise the prices of Nick Khan, current co-president with Vince of the whole cabin, who after McMahon, could easily take his place at the helm of the federation alone.

Nick Khan has made massive decisions ever since he joined WWE as its President and Chief Revenue Officer in August 2020. Nick Khan has been responsible for many changes in the WWE, including a revamp of NXT and the call to sanction routine budget cuts.

Nick Khan has been responsible for many changes in the WWE

In his latest newsletter released to the Wrestling Observer, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer wanted to talk about one of the hypotheses that could be staged in the event of the ouster of Vince McMahon from the most important position in the WWE management, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: “I mean, it should be a decision for the board of directors, but Nick Khan will probably replace Vince McMahon, yes.

Unless they go and hire someone else from outside, it will probably be Nick Khan, yes." After being hired last year and being instrumental in recent releases, Nick Khan may be able to get his hands on the whole. WWE, becoming full-fledged president, after working as such for a year, with WWE still having to take into account all of its shareholders and therefore having to make important decisions via the company's board of directors.

Nick Khan