New details on Paige's current status


New details on Paige's current status

One of the most loved British athletes in recent WWE history is Paige, former NXT champion and absolute champion also on the company's main roster, with the unfortunate athlete experiencing a bad neck injury in recent years, which forced her to retire from wrestled wrestling, it is unknown whether forever or only for a long period of his career.

After seeing the miraculous returns of Edge and Daniel Bryan in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, there would be hope therefore also for Paige, who in several of her latest interviews, wanted to parry of a possible return, which however is not yet close.

What WWE Univese fans have been wondering in recent months and weeks, however, is another thing, namely: why among the many WWE releases of unused athletes, has Paige never been one of these names? To try to give a possible explanation that is not very exhaustive, Dave Meltzer thought about it, through one of his latest newsletters released to the Wrestling Observer microphones, with the journalist who hypothesized some possible ideas that WWE would have for the future of the English player.

New details on Paige

In his recent speech, Meltzer said about Paige's stay in WWE: "She is still under contract and I don't know when they will call her with some ideas, for the moment she is there waiting. When they don't call her, she doesn't do who knows how many things.

Yes, you know, I can't give you an actual answer as to why they haven't released it yet, but probably, who else knows? They probably feel they have a lot of added value with her and want to keep her for any appearances, as long as her name is strong enough to keep her under contract with the company or perhaps waiting for her end-of-career injury to return to normal and bring her down once again in the ring." At the moment, Paige's only big occupation is following her Twitch channel, with over 200,000 followers, which she broadcasts live almost every day, along with millions of other fans and insiders around the world.

At a WWE house show in 2017, Paige and Sasha Banks were involved in a six-woman tag team match. During the match, Paige received a nasty-looking blow to her neck from The Boss. This led to the match ending unexpectedly as the former Divas Champion suffered a serious neck injury. The injury was so serious that Paige was immediately ruled out of in-ring action and later officially retired in 2018.