Shawn Michaels has a new enthusiasm

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Shawn Michaels has a new enthusiasm

After all the changes NXT has made and the fact that superstars who switch from the DX-led brand to the main roster often become a management failure, people started saying that Vince Mcmahon was sending out messages to her daughter's husband.

During a special interview with, Shawn Michaels talked about the responsibilities he has taken on with NXT due to Triple H having to focus on his health. The Heartbreak Kid said he and the rest of the team are still getting the job done, it's just that now, instead of The Game, Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard are directing the product.

Shawn Michaels on his role

"I started out doing two hours a day, three days a week. Now I'm doing about 23 hours a day, seven days a week," Shawn Michaels said reflecting on the past few years. "People out there think it's all a Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard production.

They're just the ones who have given us the direction of what they wanted from NXT moving forward into the future. It's still the whole Hunter [Triple H] team to put all in action here." Shawn Michaels also talked about the things he's learning now that he's in this role, replacing Triple H who is struggling with some heart health issues.

He also said he was happy to help his friend as he can. "I love learning and growing in the different aspects of WWE, but I have a greater appreciation for everything he [Triple H] has brought in. Now I understand how you can't reply to a message when you receive it.

I've never had so many. email, I never had to learn computer-related stuff. Things I swore I never wanted to do. But I've learned to do it ever since. It was a blast. To be able to intervene for my friend is an honor." The showstopper recently spoke with Jim Varsallone about his current crop of up-and-coming NXT 2.0 stars.

The Headliner said nobody has been thrown into the deep end like NXT 2.0's superstars: "Bron Breakker, Tony D'Angelo, Grayson Waller, numerous other people where you are watching their first, second, third, tenth match. Breakker, Tony D'Angelo, they are going to go out there at WarGames, one of our biggest shows of the year, and it's their tenth to the 15th match.

Nobody has been thrown into the deep end like these young men and women have. They've done a fantastic job and it's awesome to see."

Shawn Michaels