Mick Foley Speaks About Visiting Jim Ross

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Mick Foley Speaks About Visiting Jim Ross

Mick Foley is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer and he recently spoke about visiting WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who now works for All Elite Wrestling. Jim Ross is currently receiving treatment to get rid of his skin cancer. According to Mick he should have visited Ross a long time ago.

He spoke about it on Wrestling Inc.

Mick Foley Talks About His Visit to Jim Ross

“It was great and Jim is doing really well,” Foley said. “The thing is, it wasn’t really that nice of a gesture because I should’ve done it a long time ago.

Jim and I only live an hour apart. It’s something I should’ve been doing more regularly anyway. But it was great to catch up, and now that we know how close I am? Jacksonville is one of the only places in the Southeastern United States that has a What-A-Burger.

“I travel regularly. The one thing the pandemic did for me is it made me see that I don’t like flying. When I go to visit my mom, I would rather drive. I’m lucky that I can do these one-man wrestling storytelling shows, book a show or two on my way up to New York, book a show or two on the way back, stop by a What-A-Burger, visit good old JR.

It’s a good way to spend the day”. Mick Foley then spoke about raising money for Jimmy Rave, who unfortunately had to get both his legs amputated. He also raised money for the family of Daffney who passed away leaving her family behind.

Mick revealed that both times, the money raised was more than what he expected. “He’s got bills that go for $100 thousand. He believes they’ll be able to whittle that down to $50 or $60 thousand, but it’s still a mountain of money.

I just thought ‘hey, if there are some orders out there to be had, and I can combine that with some of my memorabilia, and also some personal interactions like the 2 nights in Georgia. Actually, it was 3 nights, and we had a fantastic time with a couple that bid a nice amount of money.

It really exceeded my expectations. I thought we’d get maybe $10 or $12 thousand. Michael said ‘we’re going to try and get you and Jimmy to his goal’, which was $22 thousand. And we get it. It was really incredible," Mick Foley.

“The same thing with the fundraiser for Daffney. One of her organizations of choice was the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Daffney had struggled for a long time, and her mom, in the days following her death, had a link to NAMI Georgia.

So I had raised some money by auctioning the shirts off my back when I did my shows in September. And because I was going to Atlanta, which is where Daffney lived, I wanted to do a fundraiser”.

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