Raw: A strange thing happened on Raw

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Raw: A strange thing happened on Raw

Becky Lynch retained her Raw Women's Championship in the main event on Monday's episode of Raw in Memphis, Tennessee, with Liv Morgan, after cheating for the fourth match in a row with a roll-up attached to the ropes. At the end of the match, the well-known Bully Ray learned, through social media, that the staff who made up the team of security officers present in the arena during the red show, imposed some absurd rules for wrestling fans.

Speaking to Busted Open Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer said, "I'm getting tweets near the end of the show where security is telling people to sit down. It's fucking ridiculous. Let me tell you ... it's fucking ridiculous. There's an important event in the ring and there is no one standing, no one cheering, no one explodes.

This is the main event of a Monday Night RAW and you are not losing control?"

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Indeed, many home fans noticed that the audience was a bit dead during what was still a very important main event that also recalled the first all-female Raw main event of 17 years earlier between Trish Stratus and Lita.

Given the importance of the match, Bully Ray rightly thought WWE fans should be allowed to show their emotion without any restrictions. "Either you suck as a city, which I don't think Memphis does, or there are people in that building telling you to sit down, thus taking away all the fun.

If I'm home and watching last night's main event, I'm like: 'Wow, there's really nothing here. These people aren't hyped. These women must suck," added Bully Ray. It's really a shame that things turned out like this because they definitely ruined the moment for the two wrestlers and for all the fans in attendance who just wanted to enjoy the show.

Veer Mahan signed with WWE back in January of 2018. During his initial days in the company, the former baseball player was managed by Robert Strauss on NXT live events. The duo made their televised debut in March 2020 and attacked then-NXT Tag Team Champion Riddle.

Together, the newly introduced duo was known as Indus Sher. After moving up to the main roster, WWE changed Rinku's name to Veer and allied with Shanky and Jinder Mahal. However, thanks to the 2021 WWE Draft, the alliance ended.

WWE briefly supported Nikki's new character as she became the RAW Women's Champion, and fans even hoped for her to have a reasonably successful reign. However, Nikki A.S.H. quickly dropped the title back to Charlotte Flair and was later relegated to the tag team division.