Sonya Devile opens up on her WWE experience

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Sonya Devile opens up on her WWE experience

One of the most viewed on-screen WWE management characters on the company's TV screens in recent months, is undoubtedly Sonya Deville, athlete and former MMA fighter, who has recently been invested with the position of an official by WWE (obviously only with a character of kayfabe), with the former best friend of Mandy Rose, current champion of NXT, who has therefore joined Adam Pearce for several weeks now.

Despite her actual return to the ring should come shortly, with the feud against Naomi that should bring Sonya back to fight like a wrestler and no longer as an official, it seems that the girl loves to stage her new role a lot, with this gimmick from heel that would be perfectly sewn on her.

In her last interview, Sonya Deville wanted to talk about what it is like to work closely with WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon, now also an official of the company and therefore having to prepare many angles and segments of Night Raw and Friday Monday NIght.

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Backstage news on Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville probably took this sabbatical to get her head in order once again because she underwent a traumatic experience this past summer, and now that she is back to make her mark once again, it wouldn't have made sense for her to come back as a wrestler.

In her latest speech to PopCulture, the 28-year-old athlete wanted to say about her relationship with the WWE Supreme Boss: "He is so knowledgeable and also a very respectable person to be around. Being in segments with him is like 'Oh my God' I've never had many fangirl moments with him.

But he really makes me go in the summers. He's so cool and we spend hours working on some things and projects. Furthermore, he is always helpful and helps everyone to solve problems. He's always very supportive and always has been for my career and what I wanted to do”.

The last time we saw the two sharing a screen from the Stamford-based company, it was in the Cleopatra 100 egg segment. million dollars at the Survivor Series, with Vince McMahon asking Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville about where his egg millionaire went.

Yes, it is the world of make-believe, but someone who lost a 'Loser Leaves WWE' match returning as an active performer would have raised a whole bunch of eyebrows. This WWE SmackDown Authority Figure role can make her transition smoother, and Sonya Deville could return to the ring as part of a storyline where she has no other choice at all.

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