Is Edge having the best moment of his career?

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Is Edge having the best moment of his career?

Edge is experiencing a kind of second youth. The Canadian superstar announced his retirement from wrestling in 2011 due to serious neck problems. The former heavyweight champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the following year.

After leaving this business momentarily, Edge went on to appear in several films and spent more time with his family (also becoming a father). Few imagined that the 'Rated-R Superstar' would return to the ring in 2020, only to win the 2021 edition of the Royal Rumble match.

Recently, Edge ended a beautiful feud with Seth Rollins and is preparing to start a new storyline with The Miz. It has already been announced that the two will face each other on 'Day 1', the pay-per-view that will be staged on January 1, 2022.

During the latest edition of 'Wooooo Nation Uncensored', 16-time world champion Ric Flair complimented the 48-year-old from Orangeville.

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"I wouldn't want to say heresies, but I think Edge is much better off now than when he retired in 2011," confided the Nature Boy.

“His current form allows him to perform almost full time. I know that his contract does not include it, but the boy is overflowing from a physical point of view. He looks good, his promos about him are more convincing than ever and I love everything he is doing in the ring" - added Flair.

The latter ended up in the eye of the storm following the airing of an episode of 'Dark Side of the Ring', dedicated to the controversial 'Plane Ride from Hell' Speaking to Sportskeeda, wrestling expert Bill Apter expressed his opinion on that incident.

"The incriminated episode dates back to a completely different era than today. If there had been the Internet in those years, many stars would have ended up in jail almost every night. Sports entertainment was based on canons different from those we know today.

Many incidents similar to that of Ric Flair will never come to light”. The Rated R Superstar spoke on WWE's Beyond the Ring to discuss the moment: "I remember he hit me with a forearm uppercut, and I bumped on the ladder and I heard a crack.

I thought it was the ladder. I don't think I broke my neck there, but I think something gave there. Through all of that, I knew I was having some of the best matches of my career, so you kinda don't think about it. Initially, I thought 'oh it's just a sore muscle or something.'

Then I started to tingle a little bit, and something pinched in there, and then the tingling would get worse," said Edge.

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