Backstage news on Bray Wyatt's future

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Backstage news on Bray Wyatt's future

It happened once again: during the last episode of Aew Dynamite which aired in the night, during a short segment of the live broadcast on the American TNT channel, there were some "problems" with the lighting sets of the show, with the arena that became blue and then red for a few fractions of a second, eventually returning to the classic light to illuminate the ring.

While for many this was just a problem of the AEW lighting team, for many others, all of this was a sign, given that several athletes have a very different and particular set of lights in their entrance compared to other colleagues.

Just think of Malakai Black, The Undertaker or the Fiend, who have shown up for years on the WWE rings with the lights off or with special sets for their character. Even during Black's arrival in the AEW rings, there were a few times the lights went off and on at random on the show, until Black appeared behind Cody Rhodes for the first time.

Former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt's official Twitter handle has seemingly been hacked, judging by his latest tweet. Bray Wyatt was a big name in WWE back when he was a mainstay on its weekly shows. Wyatt was released by WWE earlier this year, in a decision that left fans baffled.

Latest update on Bray Wyatt

The former WWE Champion has been keeping his fans updated via Twitter, ever since his release. After the last oddity with the lights at Dynamite, the name that emerged from online fans and various insiders would be precisely that of the inventor of the Fiend in WWE, now released on July 31st, which could debut soon in the rings of the company of the Khans, sending fans of the second federation of the United States into ecstasy.

Even in his WWE stint as the Fiend, Bray Wyatt used to enter the scene with a similar play of light, that is, first the dark and then the red colored lights, with the sets of lights remaining that way even during the matches of the athlete, annoying many fans for the color chosen by the company.

At the moment there is no certainty about Wyatt's arrival in AEW, but in one of his latest interviews, Tony Khan said he was interested in contacting the athlete, as soon as his non-competition clause with the WWE would have ended.

That clause would have ended on October 30, with Wyatt never reappearing in the rings of any company in the world, except for a few appearances in some autograph sessions here and there in the United States. We will see in the coming weeks if there will be further clues about this possible landing on the AEW rings or not.

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