Huge WWE star praises The Miz

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Huge WWE star praises The Miz

The Miz is certainly one of the WWE veterans, and his role is not limited only to appearances on screen, but apparently, the Awesome One is also very good at helping new recruits in the federation. Confirming all this, thus adding to the infinite characteristics (often underestimated) of Miz, are the words of the WWE Superstar Naomi (twice champion of SmackDown): The girl of the Glow spoke to the microphones of the Renaissance Man podcast.

indicating some moments of her career and specifying thanks to whom she managed to receive the right position and advice from her.

Backstage news on The Miz

"Oh, sure I've worked with a lot of people in WWE. But among them, I mention one: The Miz.

He really helped me in many things and in many projects, I also worked with him during the shooting of a film and watching him work I noticed his great dedication and his love for the cause. It was really great and it helped me a lot working with him.

If I had to talk about my favorite Superstar instead, I tell you The Rock, who made me fall in love with WWE. Whenever he spoke, I was curious to know what he still had to say and when he was in the ring I couldn't wait to know what would happen soon."

In short, some really sweet words for The Miz, an athlete often not considered for all the qualities of him that actually exist, and how. This is witnessed, among other things, by the very few injuries he has encountered or which he has remedied during his very long career.

His skills in the ring may not remain in history, but his professionalism and his desire to work must instead remain fixed in the minds of every new Superstar who wants to throw himself into the fantastic world of pro-wrestling.

The Miz was recently a guest on the Oral Sessions podcast with Renee Paquette. Renee said the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view "rocked everybody's world" with The Miz winning the WWE Championship, including that of her and her husband, AEW star Jon Moxley.

"To be honest, I did not think I would ever have the title again. I'm not one of those Superstars that are always in the mix. I'm in the mix, but you don't believe I'm ever going to win the WWE Championship."