Jerry Lawler is back under contract with WWE

Jerry Lawler has shared an image of himself and Jim Ross

by Simone Brugnoli
Jerry Lawler is back under contract with WWE

One of the biggest protagonists of the commentary table in WWE history, especially when it comes to Monday Night Raw and Attitude Era, is definitely Jerry "The King" Lawler, legendary athlete and McMahon Hall of Famer, who for years led the commentary department of the WWE historic red show, along with the "Voice" of the company: Jim Ross.

After seeing the departure of JR complete with a lot of departure for All Elite Wrestling, where Ross currently works as the head of the Khan federation's comment table, even The King's name and big face had disappeared from the TV screens of the McMahon company, with his name that has not been associated with any segment, not even backstage for a year and a half now.

The latest news on Jerry Lawler

After returning to work on personal projects on the independent Tennessee circuit (where the athlete grew up), Jerry Lawler reappeared in the last episode of the WWE red show, in a backstage segment with former duo champions of the main.

roster: Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley. Just with Nikki, Lawler had a confrontation, as the girl was convinced that the Hall of Famer was writing an autograph for her and instead the Hall of Famer was doing it for a fan backstage, leaving the girl demoralized.

Apparently, according to what was reported by the well-known website PW Insider, Jerry would have signed a new agreement with the McMahons that will bind him to the WWE for another two years, or until January 2024, with the role that the legend will play, which at the moment is not.

still known. After staging several major segments in recent years, such as the Fiend attack on him or the divorce between Lana and Rusev, Jerry Lawler thus returns to the company that made him great, despite his enormous work contribution.

and creative in Memphis and across Tennessee had already made him a veteran and a legend. Lawler and J.R. were once an integral part of WWE as play-by-play commentators. The iconic WWE commentary duo even teamed up together and have competed inside the squared circle.

Back in 2003, the duo feuded with Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow, who represented Saturday Night Heat. Together, the pair have called some of the greatest matches in WWE history. In 2019, Jerry Lawler returned to the WWE commentary booth in a full-time role.

The WWE Hall of Famer worked as an analyst alongside Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin, later replaced by Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. However, Lawler himself would later go on to be replaced by Samoa Joe.

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