Another WWE show will change its name

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Another WWE show will change its name

In the last period in WWE, there have been several changes, from the policy of cutting the budget, which has led to the firing of dozens and dozens of wrestlers and professionals in the last few months alone, to the complete repackaging of shows like NXT, which has had a lot of novelties, such as the lighting sets, the enlarged arena, the colors and many new faces that now tread the show ring.

After months of a fairly monotonous storyline, WWE preferred to give us a cut, completely repackaging the show and the format of the third brand, creating NXT 2.0, from which several new Superstars are emerging such as Bron Breakker, Von Wagner, Carmelo Hayes and many other young people.

on the launch pad. WWE wants to create its Superstars of tomorrow, so as to be able to shape them as it wants in front of its cameras, going to cut all the old branches that were taking away too much time, money and resources to the federation unnecessarily.

New changes in WWE

Apparently, in the sights of the management of the Stamford-based company, there would now be the end of the show dedicated to the lightweights of the federation, with 205 Live which should undergo yet another change, including its name and which should become an event in effect.

secondary (if not tertiary) as the Main Event, which had been unofficially for months already. According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, the WWE lightweight show will be associated with NXT, with the well-known journalist reporting: "Since it will no longer be live, I think Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard don't want to have champions of that weight around anymore.

So, the show will have a new name, I don't know what it will be yet. It will probably be a tertiary show. I don't know what kind of formula they will use. It's going to be a low-level WWE show, God bless them, no one will watch it.

But, this is where they want to bring their experience in front of a live audience. Is coming. And it will no longer be 205 Live." Speaking on Notsam Wrestling, R-Truth explained how Stephanie McMahon created the name “R-Truth” after Vince McMahon requested that he return as a different persona: “Vince wanted to go with R-something, so we had a list of ‘R’ names.

There were so many names on there. Steph said, ‘R-Truth?’ and Vince was coming out of his office. He said, ‘R-Truth… I like that. What’s the R for?’ We just laughed and I said, ‘Do it, R-Truth.’ That was it. Easily done, man."