Jim Cornette opens up on Jeff Hardy

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Jim Cornette opens up on Jeff Hardy

Yesterday, news of Jeff Hardy's release from WWE was released. Signs of a situation destined to precipitate had emerged clearly during a live event held in Texas last week. The 'Charismatic Enigma' had in fact left the ring in visibly unstable conditions.

The Stamford federation had decided to remove him from the card of the event scheduled for Sunday in Corpus Christi. According to reports from the 'Fightful Select' website, Vince McMahon's company would have tried in every way to persuade Jeff to go to rehab, but the latter refused.

According to the latest rumors, the Universal champion Roman Reigns had discussed with the WWE management about a possible storyline with Hardy in SmackDown. “Jeff wasn't a problem. There had been conversations between the writers and Roman Reigns about staging a feud between him and Hardy.

They should have faced both at the Royal Rumble and in Saudi Arabia” - reads the well-known Ringside News portal. Jeff Hardy appeared sluggish in the match and eventually disappeared into the crowd midway through it.

Jim Cornette spoke about the former WWE Champion's real-life issues plaguing him in the past on his Drive Thru podcast.

Jim Cornette comments on Jeff Hardy

In the latest edition of the 'Drive Thru' podcast, former WWE manager Jim Cornette criticized the company for exploiting Jeff Hardy's personal demons.

“In the past, WWE has used real events to build a story in the ring. Bringing real life into wrestling poses a risk, which must be weighed and measured. I didn't see anything positive in the idea of ​​putting Jeff Hardy's demons at bay.

We are talking about a serious problem of alcoholism and substance abuse, which would have deserved a different treatment from the WWE. I never understood why they continued to exploit such a serious matter,” Cornette ruled.

During the conversation, Jim also analyzed the sudden drop in ratings in AEW. “People are always asking me the reason for this decline. Fans need to understand that this is a perfectly normal phenomenon, as you can't place the surprise debut every week.

Furthermore, we are talking about a company that is still quite young." Matt Hardy is looking out for his younger brother after Jeff Hardy hit a rough patch recently. After being sent home, Matt gave an update on how Jeff is doing now during a live stream on the HouseHardy Twitch Channel.

The current AEW superstar revealed that the latter is doing much better now but it's not his story to go into detail.