Sonya Deville reveals her character's origins

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Sonya Deville reveals her character's origins

One of the most seen characters recently in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, although he no longer works as a wrestler but as an official of the company, for a few months now, is the former best friend of Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, who with the beautiful current NXT champion had had a long feud that had ousted her from the scene for some time, after their famous Summerslam match.

After escaping the danger of having her hair cut live in Summerslam, with their match being transformed from a "hair vs hair" to a "Loser leaves WWE match", Sonya Deville left WWE for a few months to fix some personal troubles related to a stalker who had been tormenting her for some time, with his return on-screen which was however very interesting, because the girl did not return as a fighter as she went away, but returned to the official and therefore executive on -screen for the company.

Sonya Deville is a WWE symbol

In her latest interview with Metro UK, Sonya Deville wanted to talk at length about her new character brought to screen, with the girl saying: "I was in a conversation with Vince where I was in the office with him, we were talking about how I should re-debut and I mentioned having a three piece suit waiting to be used on TV and I thought it might be a part interesting about my character, the fact that a woman could wear a dress like that, as if I were a boss.

I obviously didn't speak literally, but he just sat there while he thought about something about that dress. He said to me like 'Do you have one with you?' And I said 'Sure, I have one all black but it's in my hotel'

He replied 'We'll send someone to get him!' The next thing that happened was that I was walking down the hall in a three-piece suit. I didn't know where we were going, but it evolved in that moment, little by little."

It was advertised beforehand that Xia Li would finally make her debut on tonight's SmackDown. Even though she didn't make an in-ring debut, we can expect to see that change in the coming weeks. Naomi, bullied by Deville ever since she returned to the Blue show, might have found herself an ally in the form of Li.

We might see the former NXT superstar team up with Naomi to take on Deville and her cronies. She could also tear up the women's division on SmackDown as a singles star. Xia Li was a formidable competitor on NXT under the tutelage of Mei Ying and had an impressive match with Mercedes Martinez at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.