Rey Mysterio makes a big announcement

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Rey Mysterio makes a big announcement

Rey Mysterio is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers in wrestling history and is the best luchador of the last twenty years. The legend of Mexican origins returned to WWE in 2018 and from 2020 he also presented his son Dominik in the company who is gradually gaining more and more importance in the company.

The Tag Team made up of Rey and Dominik Mysterio was the first Tag Team Champion in history that saw a father and a son, an absolute record. Rey Mysterio has always appeared as just a 'bad copy' compared to the wrestler who reigned in the past and still awaits his new moment of glory.

Rey Mysterio is a WWE legend

Through his Twitter profile, wrestler Rey Mysterio has announced what could theoretically represent a turning point in his career. Rey said on December 9 she will make a major announcement that will change the story of her career and his legacy.

In particular, here are his words in the tweet: "December 9, 2021! Remember this date! I'll reveal some very exciting news that will change Rey Mysterio's story. More details to come soon!" It must be said that Dominik Mysterio is not mentioned in any way and therefore we do not know if he will also be part of this announcement.

It is difficult to hypothesize what this announcement could concern at this point but on social networks, the hypothesis has appeared that this is just a way of advertising the new WWE 2K video game. Fightful Select colleagues reported that special scans and situations have been made for wrestlers released by the company in recent months.

Meanwhile, good news from the ring for Rey and Dominik Mysterio who this week beat Chad Gable and Otis and next week will challenge the Street Profits in the final, involved in a match that will be worth the chance to challenge Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle and Randy Orton for the title.

The son-father duo of Dominik and Rey Mysterio have shown signs of friction ever since they landed in Raw after being on Smackdown for a while. They remain a tag team for the time being competing for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

However, a report from Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast has revealed that a breakup angle is upcoming from WWE that will signal the end of the Mysterio duo. The implosion seems imminent since both of them have been facing losses for some time now.