WWE continues to make money thanks to Bray Wyatt

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WWE continues to make money thanks to Bray Wyatt

One of the most important names that WWE wanted to do without during this quite tragic 2021 for releases, is certainly that of Bray Wyatt, probably the heaviest name that WWE has wanted to release in recent months, with fans of the WWE Universe who were very keen to know where the storyline between Alexa Bliss and the Fiend would go, after the girl's betrayal towards the Monday Night Raw demon.

After being literally burned alive and then reappearing in the Wrestlemania rings, in the long-awaited match against Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt had disappeared again into thin air, leaving the fans orphaned of one of the best-managed characters of the last years of pro-wrestling, with the scary Fiend that despite being thrilling to the young and old of the WWE Universe, it still managed to attract a lot of interest in the product offered by the WWE.

In one of the latest waves of layoffs, however, the McMahons also preferred to release Wyatt, after months of an apparently unjustified absence, which seemed to have made the management lean towards saving about a million dollars a year (Wyatt's salary).

Bray Wyatt had a successful career in WWE

Although Bray Wyatt or rather Windham Rotunda, the wrestler's real name, is no longer an integral part of the WWE rosters since July 31st, WWE is continuing to sell a lot of merchandising dedicated to Wyatt and Fiend on its official shop, with several products that have only been marketed in the last period, as they had been requested during the wrestler's stay in the company's rings, but then they have been finalized and completed only now.

Not being able to lose any further money, WWE still preferred to monetize with these items, selling all the new items dedicated to the Fiend and Wyatt, including the new Funko POP dedicated to the demon in the Christmas version that was put on the official WWE Shop only in the last days.

Now going by his real name Windham, he is yet to compete in another wrestling promotion after leaving WWE. 16-time world champion Ric Flair thinks AEW should scoop him up and sign him to a contract. "I would hire Bray Wyatt," said The Nature Boy.

"I'm a huge fan of his, the kid can work and talk and he comes up with some incredible ideas. I know you're not crazy about those gimmicks, but when you think that the time and effort he put in and those were a part of his thought process.

Plus, he's legit, he's a tough kid, he is an amateur athlete. I know I'm probably a lot in favor of athletes who have played D1 Sportsnet but I'm just a big fan of his, I like his brother a lot too. You couldn't find a more handsome and athletic guy. But I think if I'm gonna hire one more guy, I'll hire Bray Wyatt."