New details on Kairi Sane's WWE contract

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New details on Kairi Sane's WWE contract

We recently reported that Kairi Sane, former NXT champion and the tag-team partner of Asuka with whom she had formed the Kabuki Warriors tag team, opened her own gym open 24 hours a day in Japan, where she returned to following her marriage to stay next to her husband.

On this project, among other things, Kairi had said: “[…] Living days of continuous defeats and failures, I have realized my dream of becoming a champion both in Japan and in the United States. This was only possible thanks to the support I got from fans and the people around me.

I've always wanted to show my appreciation to people in some way, and today, I'm happy to announce the opening of a 24-hour gym, PARA-FIT24. It is located in the Shonan Ensohima area[...]"

Latest update on Kairi Sane

According to what was revealed by the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Japanese's contract with the WWE has officially expired, with Kairi Sane who, once back in Japan, was in charge of acting as an ambassador for the company, commenting for example also the pay-per-view.

Meltzer also said WWE wished to have Kairi back as an active roster wrestler, but she refused, no longer wanting to live in the United States to stay in Japan. Furthermore, the complicated protocols of COVID would have made it difficult for Kairi Sane to travel between the United States and Japan: "Kairi Sane's contract has expired.

WWE wanted to renew her agreement and have her come back to fight, but she didn't want to live in the United States. And with COVID, traveling back and forth can't work right now." The former pirate of the Stamford-based company hasn't appeared in WWE programming since June 2020, when she gave an important and moving goodbye to her fans and colleagues, who have always spoken highly of her.

Who knows if she maybe one day she will come back even for a short run or for a final farewell match in front of the fans. Kairi Sane's last match happened for the WWE in July 2020, when she faced Bayley in a losing effort.

The creative team wrote Kairi Sane off WWE programming by having Bayley attack her in a backstage segment. Sane returned to Japan after the angle and even posted an official statement in which she bid farewell to the roster and fans.

The former Women's Tag Team Champion worked as WWE's brand ambassador while enjoying a break away from the ring until her contract expired in December.