Update on Austin Theory's WWE status

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Update on Austin Theory's WWE status

In recent weeks, Austin Theory has appeared in several backstage segments with Vince McMahon. The most controversial episode was undoubtedly the one in which the WWE boss slapped Theory in order to teach him a lesson. Since making his return to Raw last October, Austin has taken selfies with several superstars after attacking or defeating them.

He also unsuccessfully challenged WWE Champion Big E a few weeks ago. During a long conversation on Sportskeeda's microphones, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo pointed out how the latest events have irreparably damaged Austin Theory's credibility.

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“The segments with Vince McMahon are literally ruining Austin Theory's career” - said Russo in no uncertain terms. “Vince looks like a father dealing with a five-year-old.

Austin really looks like a little boy to me who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Should I believe that a character who has let himself be slapped by a 76-year-old is terrifying in the ring?" - increased the dose.

Russo also analyzed Dominik Mysterio's probable turn heel: “I think there is a very obvious problem. Dominik looks like a perfect babyface, he really looks like a child, he has the face and features of a little boy.

The storyline should involve him turning against his father Rey. The young man will continue to blame his father by telling him that he has always lived in his shadow. It is not the first time that WWE has proposed such a plot.

At the same time, I believe that Dominik does not have the right characteristics to play that role”. Comment on Big E also came up: “It is not uncommon for the babyface to suffer heavy attacks, even Rocky often seems to be one step away from the knockout in the various films of the saga.

However, you can't get WWE Champion out by crawling like Big E. Do you think Hulk Hogan would ever have lent himself to such humiliation? The answer is no." During a recent interview with Alternative Sport, Austin Theory was asked if he'd rather team up with John Cena at WrestleMania and win the tag team championships RK-Bro style or retire the 16-time world champion at the Show of Shows.

He chose the latter. "Gosh, that's a tough one, man, they both sound amazing," said Theory. "But I think, I think for Austin Theory. Yeah, you'd have to really not "see" Cena anymore because I'd have to retire him. I'd have to do it, man."