Will Toni Storm become the new WWE symbol?

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Will Toni Storm become the new WWE symbol?

Interviewed on WWE Deutschland's microphones, Toni Storm said it would be great to share the ring with veteran Natalya: "It would be great to have a match with Nattie. Against Natalya, it would be great. She's a person I've idolized for a long time since I was a teenager.

She is a great role model to follow in my life." She also added that a match against the Canadian would be a challenge for her, which could lead her to truly understand her own potential in the ring, also given the experience of Natalya that we all know.

Toni Storm is shining

During a recent appearance on WWE The Bump, the company's well-known show that airs for free every Wednesday at 4 pm on their YouTube channel, Natalya reacted to the words of Toni Storm. Natalya applauded Storm's passion for the business and also emphasized how kind he is as a person.

"Toni, in my opinion, she is a special talent. When I see her and when I see all the work she has done, even going back to her job in Japan before she was in WWE, she is one who has a passion. She loves it all. She wants this on her tombstone and I know not everyone has this and maybe it's a detriment at times, but I love it when I meet people, especially women, with whom I can compete who have passion and work ethic and ideas and a vision.

. She is also humble. She is a good person. She is such a sweet and nice person. Her etiquette is just- it's great to be around her, but for me, I'm already thinking about the magic we can do in the ring. So I hope Toni is ready to be kicked in the butt."

What to say? We can only hope that Toni's dream comes true and that she can have her feud in WWE with Natalya, who could really help her in so many ways, as she does day after day with many superstars also thanks to her husband TJ Wilson.

Toni Storm made a surprise appearance on WWE SmackDown this week. She was in a backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. The Dirty Dogs were getting ready for Ziggler's match against Rick Boogs. Ziggler offered Storm a "front-row seat" for his match, but she supported his opponent instead.

Speaking to Kayla Braxton, Toni Storm also discussed her adoration of Rick Boogs. To her, Rick was "like Eddie Van Halen in wrestling boots." Storm also said that he seemed like a cool guy.