Kurt Angle Speaks About Wrestlers He Loved Fighting

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Kurt Angle Speaks About Wrestlers He Loved Fighting

Kurt Angle is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer, and he spoke about the wrestlers that he enjoyed working with. He spoke about it on the Paradox Of Sports. Kurt Angle has faced some of WWE’s best superstars of all time. “Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker,” he said.

“Those six are my absolute favorites that I love to work with”.

Kurt Angle Names the Superstars That He Enjoyed Working With

Kurt Angle has actually worked for TNA as well, which is currently known as Impact Wrestling.

He joined TNA around 2006 after he left the WWE. He was addicted to painkillers at that time and he couldn’t continue working for WWE. He left TNA in 2016 to join WWE again. Even in TNA, he faced some of TNA’s best stars.

“TNA, I’d say: AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Sting. There were a lot of other great wrestlers that I loved wrestling,” Angle admitted. “But those guys stood out more”. Even though Kurt Angle has fought some of the best wrestlers of all time, there were some wrestlers that he wished to face that simply stopped performing when he was active.

He never got in the ring with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who many people believe is the greatest wrestler of all time. Kurt stated that he wanted to fight Bret Hart. “Bret Hart. That would have been a great match. It would have been an epic matchup,” he added.

“Bret and I have talked about it before. Unfortunately, Bret got hurt, and we kind of missed each other. He left WWE right before I got there, and then he went to WCW and he got kicked in the face and ended up with a concussion and had to retire from wrestling.

So, it was unfortunate that I never got to wrestle him, but I’ve always wanted to”. Kurt Angle’s final run in the WWE took place nearly 2 years ago and he retired at WrestleMania. Before retiring, Angle faced a few superstars in his final run.

He fought Baron Corbin in his final match for the WWE. He lost that match. Many people believe that his final opponent should have been a popular superstar such as John Cena or The Undertaker. Many fans believe that Kurt Angle’s final run in the WWE wasn’t that good.