Naomi takes a shot at WWE

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Naomi takes a shot at WWE

The feud that Naomi is waging against Sonya Deville apparently has a grain of truth. In fact, after the Draft, the girl who shines was moved to SmackDown and from then on she started a storyline with the WWE officer who doesn't want to give her the opportunities she deserves.

It all started with Naomi asking and requesting several times, over the weeks, to be able to fight in the ring, with Sonya always denying her a match saying she was busy organizing it, until the hatred for the girl was clear.

Interviewed by Jalen Rose on the Renaissance Man podcast, Naomi talked about her current status on the main roster, saying that even today, in 2021 and after so many years with the company, she still has to fight WWE to have some time on TV.

Naomi slams WWE

"I think, just generally, that I am still trying to fight for some time on TV. To get matches for more than two minutes. Even though you're grateful that there are still so many women who don't even have a little time on TV, you're like 'okay, I have two minutes.

At least I have it. I have two minutes to show and demonstrate and bring people to my side ' But you want more, you need more, you know what I mean? To develop those stories and those characters." Then she added: “That opportunity has to be there.

I realize that whenever women in our industry are given a chance, they do a really great job every time. But it can't just be sporadic, it has to be constant. So, this is what I and all of us are still pushing and fighting for.

Every day, every week." Charlotte Flair also recently talked about the situation surrounding the treatment of the women's division in WWE, also following the scandalous minutes given to the Queen's Crown Tournament.

The particular thing in the case of Naomi is that in reality she is very much loved in the United States, while in Italy for example there is a distorted perception of what she knows and can do, so it is strange that she is in this situation.

It was advertised beforehand that Xia Li would finally make her debut on tonight's SmackDown. Even though she didn't make an in-ring debut, we can expect to see that change in the coming weeks. Naomi, bullied by Deville ever since she returned to the Blue show, might have found herself an ally in the form of Li. We might see the former NXT superstar team up with Naomi to take on Deville and her cronies.