JBL Praises The Undertaker for Being Locker Room Leader

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JBL Praises The Undertaker for Being Locker Room Leader

WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield or JBL for short, recently spoke about the Undertaker being a locker room leader. JBL was a very important part of WWE’s roster in the late 90s and early 2000s. He even won the WWE title and was one of WWE’s most hated heels of all time.

He and The Undertaker are close friends. On the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, he spoke about how much he respects The Undertaker.

JBL Explains Just How Much he Respects The Undertaker

“There are some guys that just have that Cool Hand Luke, about them, and everywhere he’s been, he’s the guy that people will see the authority too because he’s that type of, you know, he doesn’t abuse it.

He’s the guy you want in charge. He’s a terrific leader in any respect, whether it’s the locker room, whether it’s the boys out on the town, whatever it is, he’s a terrific leader. He’s a good human being.

He’s a smart guy and generally makes really good decisions”. The Undertaker and JBL has fought each other numerous times in the ring. In fact, after The Undertaker’s return in 2004, one of his most famous feuds was with JBL.

During that feud, the matches often ended in bloody fashion. It was common to see their faces covered in blood during those matches. He then spoke about John Cena and how John rose to the top of the WWE. The Undertaker was the one that told Vince McMahon that John had a lot of potential which led to him being pushed in the WWE.

John eventually became one of WWE’s most popular superstars of all time. Although he is not a full-time WWE wrestler anymore, John still manages to get a positive reaction from the crowd when he returns. “There weren’t a ton of believers in Cena.

I don’t think there were unbelievers. But Vince asked me one day, he said, ‘How is he?’ I said, ‘He’s your guy, man.’ Vince said, ‘He’s that good?’ I said, ‘Yeah.'

” It’s a different dynamic going from, say, eight minutes to going to 30 minutes. Now, I think he had done it with Kurt Angle too, obviously one of the greatest of all time. But when I first got out there with him, some guys never make that transition. It’s hard”.