Brock Lesnar is showing a different side of himself

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Brock Lesnar is showing a different side of himself

Over the past two weeks, Brock Lesnar has spawned a series of segments at SmackDown that have brought him closer to the WWE Universe. The former Universal Champion has almost always been portrayed as a true force of nature, but recently he has been able to show a different side of his character.

The Beast has a pretty good sense of humor, as it emerged during the last episodes of the blue show. A bruised and battered Sami Zayn arrived in the ring in a wheelchair to open the episode of SmackDown that aired on this Friday.

The 'Master Strategist' took the microphone and threatened to sue all those who prevented him from playing all the way through his titled chances. Zayn also vented against Paul Heyman, who did not hesitate to intervene.

A few minutes later, Brock Lesnar's music rang out, taking no prisoners as usual. 'The Beast Incarnate' will once again challenge Roman Reigns on 'Day 1', the pay-per-view staged on January 1, 2022. Host of the 'Smack Talk' show on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell speculated what might happen on Day 1.

What's next for Brock Lesnar?

“From my point of view, Paul Heyman will have a decisive role on Day 1. I think he will help Brock Lesnar defeat Roman Reigns, thus contributing to the transformation of the 'Tribal Chief from heel to babyface.

It would be the most logical development” - said Mantell. Dutch took the opportunity to throw a jab at Nick Khan: “I don't think he knows anything about wrestling. He doesn't have the slightest knowledge of this business, it's so obvious.

He is limited only to following the orders of Vince McMahon, who still plays a leading role in the sector of creative choices. People need to understand that WWE is not responding to fans or insiders. We are talking about a listed company, which is required to act in the interest of the shareholders.

So many choices may not seem right, but they don't have to answer to us." When Brock Lesnar made his surprise return at this year’s SummerSlam, the speculation started immediately; would Heyman betray Reigns and return to Lesnar? As of yet, this has not happened, including in the only title match between the two to date.

It has been teased on WWE Smackdown on a few occasions on whether or not Heyman is still consulting Lesnar. So far, there hasn’t been any concrete proof and Heyman remains in the Reigns’ fold.