Bayley updates fans on her injury

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Bayley updates fans on her injury

In July, shortly before the return of the WWE shows in front of the public, the company announced in a statement on its official website, that was then disseminated on the main social networks, that the longest-lived champion of SmackDown, Bayley, was injured during a work out.

Bayley was due to challenge Bianca Belair to Money In The Bank shortly, in what was thought to be the final chapter of their rivalry that was so popular with all WWE audiences.

New details on Bayley

During a special Instagram live, held by the Role Model, with some special famous guests, Bayley let herself go, talking to fans about her injury and her comeback, reassuring everyone that the recovery is going great.

"People are asking how my knee is doing. So, my knees are great, my legs are great. My ankles are great. My calf is great. My shin is great. Mine is great. hip is great. My mind is great. So, I mean, it's just a matter of time. I'm not going to tell you when.

I don't want all these idiots to see when, but I'll be back soon... maybe. It'll be better. be ready. Be ready." Surely her absence is felt and her colleagues feel it too, in particular her best friend Sasha Banks, who has very specific plans in mind for the next Wrestlemania, the one to be held in Dallas, Texas.

“So, I said it before, I'm going to say it again because let's make it clear. Night One, Wrestlemania in the main event, Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte. Rematch of Wrestlemania. Night Two in the main event, Sasha Banks, Smackdown and Raw Women's Champion, against...

Bayley! Wouldn't that be great?" We hope to see Bayley in action again soon, maybe she will make a surprise exit at the Royal Rumble, or just before Wrestlemania, if not at the most important pay-per-view of the year.

Bayley recently had a chat with her fans on Instagram Live and discussed several topics in regards to wrestling. She also opened up about Sami Zayn's condition after Brock Lesnar's brutal attack on SmackDown. The Role Model assured fans that Zayn is doing well, and sent a message to Brock Lesnar: "Sami Zayn said his feelings are hurt worse than his neck, but he's gonna make a comeback.

So, any of you guys are concerned, Sami Zayn is just fine. You send Brock a message that, if I see him, I'm gonna untie his shoelaces," said Bayley.