'Day 1' could revolutionize the scenarios

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'Day 1' could revolutionize the scenarios

The last episode of Friday Night Smackdown went on stage on 10th December, an episode that saw yet another plot of the storyline between the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. This time the champion was absent and did not attend the episode.

Instead of him, the Beast was the protagonist of the day with Sami Zayn as a sacrificial victim. It was The Great Liberator the man who opened the episode by claiming to be tough with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns who had to team up to put an end and attack him.

Zayn to emphasize showed up in a wheelchair. WWE Mad Genius Paul Heyman responded to his accusations and almost made fun of the wrestler, Zayn tried to attack him but Brock Lesnar intervened in his defense. After an initial almost clarification between the two, a furious Heyman invited The Beast to attack and he knocked out the doctors first and then Zayn who he took and destroyed by sending him to Suplex City with various F5s and thus leaving poor unfortunate Sami Zayn.

One of the two matches already made official for WWE Day 1 is a massive triple threat for the WWE Championship. Big E is set to defend his title against two former Universal Champions, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.

WWE Day 1 is a new pay-per-view

KO's WWE contract has been a major point of discussion and debate over the last few weeks.

His getting back into the WWE title picture could very well be a way for the promotion to allow him to re-sign a new contract with them. The question is, could they go all the way and make him the new WWE Champion? The WWE Universe is very curious about how the situation will evolve and on social media a sentence has left all the fans surprised.

In fact, in the post storyline Brock Lesnar spoke backstage and released Kayla Braxton a phrase that stunned all the fans of the company, namely 'Don't talk to me, ask my lawyer Paul Heyman?' In addition to this the WWE also posted a curious tweet where in a funny way it says "This wheelchair had a family', referring to The Beast who literally tore the poor wheelchair to pieces.

Once again, fans have now wondered what will happen ahead of Vince McMahon's next Day 1 Pay Per View event, which will take place on January 1, 2022. Heyman cannot be Roman Reigns' adviser and the Brock Lesnar's lawyer and therefore it is necessary to clarify how the situation will evolve.