*Spoiler* Raw tournament is postponed due to several injuries

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*Spoiler* Raw tournament is postponed due to several injuries

In the last episodes of Monday Night Raw we saw the beginning of the famous RK-Bro-nament, or the tournament created by the RK-Bro team, which was to have been used by the other Superstars of the red show to decree the new team that was to become the n°1 title contender currently alongside Matt Riddle and Randy Orton, couple champions of the show.

In the last few weeks, in fact, several teams had tried to get closer to the pair champions, but none had managed to snatch a challenge from the two, with the current holders of the belts who therefore preferred to put on a real tournament, the final of which was due to be broadcast on 13th December, right on Monday Night Raw, by WWE.

What happened on Raw?

17 years after Lita and Trish Stratus had their historic Women's Championship match to headline Raw, Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan headlined the show. It was reported that WWE changed the original plan to have the steel cage match headline the show, and it turned out to be the right decision.

Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch's feud seemed to begin even before Survivor Series, and there was a lot of anticipation ahead of the RAW Women's title feud. Liv Morgan had her best match in WWE yet as she fell short to Becky Lynch, who could only retain the RAW Women's Championship by holding on to the ropes.

Before the WWE red show began live, the federation wanted to make it known to fans that there would be no final for the tag team title tournament, due to some injuries affecting the pairs of Street Profits and of the Mysterios.

This urgency was entrusted to the interviewer Sarah Schreiber, who told how both the Mysterios team and the Street Profits team encountered injuries and therefore the final of the tournament to decree the new n°1 contenders for the tag team titles has been suspended for the time being.

Without adding further information about what happened and to whom, the WWE correspondent thus warned only fans that such a match would never take place, at least on this Monday. We'll see when WWE now decides to air the final match to decree the new challengers to the red show's tag team titles, with RK-Bro absolutely needing new challengers to carry on their storyline in front of the red show.

screens of the WWE red show, not knowing if this postponement is due to injuries in the kayfabe style or to real injuries. Only time will give us the true answer.