*Spoiler* Maryse hits The Miz

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*Spoiler* Maryse hits The Miz

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 13th December, WWE wanted to stage some updates on the feud that is currently involving the WWE Hall of Famer Edge and the Superstar of the red show who has just returned to the screens of the federation, The Miz.

After seeing him back on stage in the Raw rings, with The Miz absent to take part in the American version of Dancing with the Stars, the Awesome One reappeared on the scene with his beautiful wife Maryse, with the two who suffered.

wanted to face Edge, while the latter was looking for a new opponent in the rings of the Stamford company, after the end of his last feud with Seth Rollins, which ended when the two were drafted from Friday Night Smackdown to Monday Night Raw.

Already in recent weeks, there had been small on-screen disagreements between the two, with the latest information reporting how WWE could even call Edge's wife, Beth Phoenix, back to its rings, to stage a mixed feud with four, between the two Hall of Famers on one side and the couple formed by Miz and Maryse on the other.

Maryse hits The Miz in the face

Just in full WWE cowardly heel style, tonight we witnessed a very embarrassing segment in the rings of Monday Night Raw, when the angle spoken between The Miz and Edge, soon became a real brawl.

The problem, at this juncture, is that Miz wanted to put his wife Maryse in front of him, as a shield, with such an unexpected decision, which tipped the scales from the heel of the feud, which so unexpectedly hit the Canadian opponent.

All this obviously did not go well with Maryse, who hit her husband with a slap in the face, evidently disappointed with the choice made by her husband in that context. Apparently, all of this seems to lead WWE on the path of Beth Phoenix's return, with the two heels who could be in cahoots and therefore only staged a skit or orchestrated ad hoc, with Edge obviously never raising his hands.

on a woman and therefore would need his wife's help to keep Maryse away while he deals with his main opponent. Since breaking away from The Funkadactyls, Naomi has been on a topsy-turvy run in the WWE but has won the WWE SmackDown title as well as the Women's Battle Royal at WrestleMania in 2018.

While speaking on the Renaissance Man podcast this week and reflecting on her career, Naomi thanked The Miz for helping her. She said: "Oh man, there's so many [kind people I've worked with in WWE], one is The Miz.

He's just — he's helped me on so many different projects. We got to work on a movie together and just seeing his work ethic and him kind of like just helping me through that was awesome."