*Spoiler* Austin Theory makes fun of Vince McMahon

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*Spoiler* Austin Theory makes fun of Vince McMahon

In the last episodes of Monday Night Raw immediately following the WWE Survivor Series, we have seen how the Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon, has returned to show up in front of the cameras of his company, after months of on-screen absence, due to one of his express will not to appear.

After hearing his moving words on the Wrestlemania stage, where Vince had moved dozens and dozens of fans, including several of the Superstars present behind him, as Vince talked about the very difficult covid period for WWE and the rest of the world, the Chairman had literally disappeared from the scene, reappearing only with the famous $100 million Cleopatra egg of the Series, which had been given to him by The Rock, in advertising the new film recently released on the Netflix catalog of the important actor of American Hollywood.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo explained how he would have approached Austin Theory’s move to the main roster. “If Vince Russo is doing this job, JR [Jim Ross] is telling me, ‘Vince, this kid Austin Theory is ready.’ That’s what JR is telling me.

‘Alright, no problem, bro, when can I get together with Austin Theory?’ I will have my one-on-one with Austin Theory. Bro, I will get so far into his head to find out what makes this guy tick."

Austin Theory mimics Vince McMahon

In the last installments of the red show, we saw how Vince McMahon wanted to stay by the side of the emerging Austin Theory, a young talent who returned to Raw after a year and who had been sent back to NXT after some personal problems with rape accusations, which they had put his career in serious risk, in some backstage segments on Raw.

In the last installments of the WWE flagship show, we saw Vince spend a lot of time on Theory, who seems to have been taken under the protective wing of the Chairman, who is betting a lot on him, as with many other Superstars before Austin.

What was missing, however, was the video that emerged only a few hours ago, posted by Austin Theory himself on his social channels, who wanted to make fun of the famous walk of the WWE patron, similar to that of Conor McGregor and seen on virtually every occasion where Vince has to step into his federation's rings.

Austin Theory has appeared in several teacher-student segments with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon during the last two episodes of RAW.