*Spoiler* Otis showcased his strength


*Spoiler* Otis showcased his strength

At the Xcel Energy Center in St Pauli we will find out who will be the finalist of the Rk-Bro Tournament (or whatever it is called) and we will see if Bobby Lashley enters the fight for the WWE Big E belt! After seeing a brief recap of what happened seven days ago, the episode starts with the entry of BOBBY LASHLEY, accompanied by MVP!

The two attack Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville for not including Allmighty in the Day 1 titled match ... BUT KEVIN OWENS COMES FIRST, SETH ROLLINS THEN! Monday Night Messiah teases the Canadian and throws digs at Lashley ... BUT THE WWE BIG E CHAMPION IS ARRIVED!

The Alpha Unicorn seems to have no problem dealing with Bobby ... BUT ADAM PEARCE & SONYA DEVILLE ARE COMING! On WWE RAW last week, Otis and Chad Gable lost their match to Dominik and Rey Mysterio. After the match, the two losers were interviewed by Riddle.

Otis vented his frustration by slamming Riddle on the mat.

Otis showcased his strength

This week, the Original Bro faced The Dozer in a singles match at the RAW. Otis showcased his strength early on by knocking down Riddle with ease.

He continued to throw his opponent around and make a statement. The management duo, impressed by Lashley's words, seem to be convinced to include him in the titled contest; however, the two decree that only if he defeats all three opponents on Day 1 during the episode, will Bobby be able to officially enter the contest for the maximum belt.

MVP and Lashley accept with an almost paradoxical enthusiasm ... oh well, they're happy! Backstage we find RIDDLE who is ready to face Otis, although RANDY ORTON is not really convinced about this choice... In another area of ​​the backstage we find BIG E, SETH ROLLINS and KEVIN OWENS confront the management duo, while it is confirmed that the Prizefighter will be the first to fight against Lashley!

As RIDDLE enters, we discover that the final of the very famous and incredible RK-Bro-nament (I think it's called that) has been postponed! According to Payge’s website, she is an adventurer, journalist, yoga instructor, and motivator.

Payge is also a professional optimist and physical rehabilitation specialist. She is 46 years old. McMahon has stated that doing Yoga saved her life. It gave her the ability to try fresh adventures and travel the world. Her website reads, “Her mission is to inspire others to overcome obstacles, get healthy, go outdoors, try new things and start checking off that bucket list!”

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