Naomi discusses The Rock's potential return

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Naomi discusses The Rock's potential return

The Rock made his WWE debut way back in 1996 and it was clear early on that he would become a legendary character. It didn't take long for him to become one of the most popular superstars in the WWE Universe, thanks also to the simultaneous presence of absolute icons such as The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels.

Over the next seven years, The Rock gained every possible and imaginable recognition. 'The Great One' left the Stamford-based federation in 2004 to start a new career in Hollywood. The rest is history. The former WWE champion returned to the ring seven years later, waging a beautiful feud with John Cena.

Today The Rock is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, as well as being able to boast 280 million followers on Instagram. It's been five years now since he played his last match in WWE. Fans were hoping to see him again at Survivor Series 2021, where he would have had celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut in the company.

Despite the countless references to his character during the evening, the 'Brahma Bull' did not show up. Speaking in the latest edition of the 'Wendy Williams Show', Naomi - wife of Jimmy Uso - also spoke about The Rock.

Naomi speaks about The Rock

"I understand that people want to see The Rock in the WWE ring again, but the truth is, he's too busy to come back to us," confided Naomi bluntly. Well-known journalist Andrew Zarian explained the reasons behind The Rock’s absence from the Survivor Series.

“I was notified of his presence at the Survivor Series last July. Towards the end of September, the same source revealed to me that Johnson would not be there due to his film commitments. Besides, he would have to quarantine for that trip.

There were, however, some financial and promotional obligations with his film, which is why you have seen so many references to The Rock. The project has always remained the same, only there was no The Rock" Speaking to Dr.

Chris Featherstone on the latest episode of Legion of RAW, Russo stated that he firmly believes Nick Khan will buy the company with the backing of 8-time WWE Champion The Rock. "What about the Khan-Rock tie we just learned about? Now that's who buys WWE bro.

Right there, oh my God bro, yes. I think Khan's part of The Rock's buying group. I'm telling you bro, when I saw that, I was like holy crap bro. Where did this come out of? They have known each other since childhood, Khan's on the inside, he knows all the finances.

Bro if The Rock bought the XFL, what's next? Bro, I would like to see The Rock buy that company," Vince Russo said.