Kevin Owens' future revealed

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Kevin Owens' future revealed
Kevin Owens' future revealed

Lately, there were rumors speculating about Kevin Owens' future with WWE, with many giving the wrestler's career now a long way from the McMahon-owned company rings. According to reports from the well-known American site Fightful Select, the Prizefighter has signed a new contract with WWE, instead of going elsewhere: "Fightful learned several weeks ago that WWE was very interested in keeping Kevin Owens, and did what he company sources called it "a great offer" to stay.

WWE sources we spoke to said they were over the moon with Owens' support." In addition, the site also added: "AEW insiders reported that they did not think the company would match WWE's offering. Talent within the company say there may have been interest, but in the end.

WWE offered Owens a better deal." Wrestlevotes' Twitter profile also wrote: "Kevin Owens re-signs with WWE as reported by @Seanrosssapp. I can add that WWE has strongly wanted to keep Owens and has wanted to make this deal for some time.

I guess KO will remain part of the scene. principal in the future."

Kevin Owens has been involved in a feud with Big E

It wasn't until December 8 that we reported that according to the Wrestling Observer, and brought even further to the surface by CSS, Kevin Owens was entered into the Day 1 match just to take the pin.

"They also say Kevin Owens is still slated to leave WWE soon and was added to the Day 1 title match to take the pin and keep everyone else strong," the report said. Instead it seems that things have gone totally differently, but obviously we are waiting for more official news of the case, even if you always have to keep your eyes open because KO at this point could also win the title in the match of Day 1.

Owens will face three respectable opponents: the WWE Big E champion, a great wrestler, or Seth Rollins, and the former WWE champion, the strong Bobby Lashley. After letting a number of stars, such as Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole, leave for AEW, one could imagine that retaining Kevin Owens was a major priority for WWE.

For several months, many fans have been expecting Owens to jump ship and sign with AEW. Instead, he's reportedly staying with WWE, where it's fair to assume that he'll continue to get pushed as a main-eventer. In recent weeks, Owens has been involved in a feud with WWE Champion Big E.

The Prizefighter will face him, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the title at WWE Day One on January 1st, 2022.

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