Roman Reigns collects yet another record

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Roman Reigns collects yet another record

One of the biggest feuds that WWE is staging at the moment, in the Friday Night Smackdown rings, is that between the blue show's Universal champion, Roman Reigns and his current arch-enemy, "The Beast", Brock Lesnar.

Since his return to the rings of Summerslam 2021, where Lesnar had decided to make a comeback on the WWE square after more than a year of absence, the top name of the Stamford-based company had aimed at Roman Reigns and above all his world title, tight to his hips for over 400 days now.

All this, after the absence of Roman Reigns in the latest episode of the federation's blue show, has taken on still new connotations, with the interminable reign of Roman Reigns who has helped to bring the Tribal Chief of the WWE to heights never reached yet.

in the roll of honor of the Stamford company.

Update on Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has surpassed WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart in terms of combined days as the top title holder. Roman Reigns is a three-time WWE Champion and a two-time Universal Champion as well.

The Tribal Chief is currently the h*ttest act on WWE TV and has held the Universal title for more than a year at this point. With his devastating and dominant reign as WWE Universal Champion, the Tribal Chief is now a whopping 651 days as a world champion, across 5 kingdoms combined.

Obviously, we are talking about both the WWE title and the Universal title, with such an amount of days that exceeded the total had in Bret Hart's career, with the personal best of the Canadian who remained at "only" (so to speak) 650 days.

At the moment, Roman Reigns has his next target, which has a name and a surname and is called Randy Orton. The WWE Legend Killer is stuck at 806 days, but if he continues like this, Roman Reigns will easily outrun The Viper, who hasn't received a WWE Championship title shot for a few months and probably won't receive it for some time, as he is engaged in the storyline with the couple titles at his side.

We recall that in first place in the ranking of the world titled kingdoms with the most days of reigning combined, our Bruno Sammartino remains firm and stable, with an unattainable figure of 4040 days as a historic world champion of the WWE, with a record that will probably never be beaten from anyone in the future.