Does WWE want to sign MJF?

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Does WWE want to sign MJF?

One of the most talented and hated heels of the American pro-wrestling scene for a few months now and who is not part of the great WWE of the McMahon family, responds to the name of MJF, acronym of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who is currently in a feud with former WWE Champion historian CM Punk.

After having had several major feuds within the All Elite roster, such as the one with Darby Allin or the one with Chris Jericho, it has become increasingly known that the management of the AEW is focusing a lot on the talent of the federation, with its support to CM Punk which would be the final test to try to push him more and more towards the main event and maybe even towards a title shot for the world title, which will surely come over time.

Despite the latest rumors that had removed MJF from the McMahon company, the same athlete had suggested in one of his latest interviews, how he could leave AEW, if the Chairman, Tony Khan had not made him the right economic offer at the end of his new contract.

WWE would like to sign MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, popularly referred to as MJF, has cemented himself as a prominent and valued member of the AEW roster. While there is so much for MJF to achieve in AEW, he has star power and prowess that would befit the main event scene of any top promotion.

In his latest updates, the well-known F4WOnline journalist Andrew Zarian wanted to report some news regarding the interest that the McMahon company (and its networks) would have towards the AEW athlete, with the journalist who he has declared: "An individual who works for these networks and who is a very safe source, confided to me that 'I stopped doing what I was doing and just listened to him.

I don't think I'm done with pro wrestling for a long time yet." The reference was to MJF's prowess at the microphone, with such a characteristic that led CM Punk to strongly want a feud with him, which is coming precisely these days in front of the AEW cameras.

According to the reporter, if MJF really does not find an agreement with the AEW and the Khans by 2024 it could become one of the biggest free agents of the moment, with Zarian then adding that a network source told him that: "He has everything you want in a wrestler.

It will all depend on whether or not he remains the same person on WWE TV screens. We want new stars to be targeted in the next few years. This is the plan."