Bill Apter comments on Jeff Hardy's release

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Bill Apter comments on Jeff Hardy's release

The news of Jeff Hardy's release continues to make a lot of noise. The three-time world champion was in fact fired from WWE following an accident that occurred during a live event in Texas. The 'Charismatic Enigma' suddenly left the ring amidst general dismay, disappearing into the crowd and losing track of him.

The Stamford company sent him home and Jeff did not take part in the next show held in Corpus Christi. According to rumors, Hardy refused Vince McMahon's offer to go to rehabilitation again to solve his well-known problems.

Jeff will not be able to fight for a period of 90 days, after which he will be free to sign with other federations. His most likely destination is All Elite Wrestling, where he would meet his brother Matt. Interviewed by Kevin Kellam and Jose G in the latest edition of 'Top Story' on Sportskeeda, wrestling expert Bill Apter shared his thoughts on the release of Cameron's 44-year-old.

Bill Apter on Jeff Hardy

“Strange things happen in the wrestling world that are hard to explain. Regarding the firing of Jeff Hardy, we do not have all the elements necessary to be able to express an opinion. My view is that Jeff was going in a different direction than the WWE traced.

I think his goal is to reunite with his brother Matt in AEW and then challenge the Young Bucks” - commented Bill Apter. "He felt uncomfortable in that environment and WWE felt uncomfortable with him. Given these premises, the best choice was to separate.

Arguably, Vince McMahon and executives feared that such an unmotivated Jeff Hardy could damage the company's image. For all these reasons, they convinced themselves to let him go,” he continued. In Bill Apter's opinion, Hardy would have a much better chance to shine in All Elite Wrestling.

“The WWE roster is full of talented guys, but there isn't enough time to make every one of them shine. Three hours a week are not enough to allow everyone to express themselves at their best." Jeff Hardy is fortunately in a good place after WWE released him, which has fuelled speculation over his wrestling future.

Matt Hardy has teased a reunion with his brother, speaking about how he was the architect behind The Hardy Boyz in another 'Matt Fact' video before Jeff made a cameo. Hardy was sent home after failing to complete a match during a live event.

He was released a few days later after reportedly refusing WWE's offer of rehab. His brother, Matt, has given a positive update regarding his condition on Twitch. Jeff appears to be in a good place, which is great news.