Natalya loves the new generation of wrestlers

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Natalya loves the new generation of wrestlers

In the last year, we are almost witnessing a generational shift, with the old guard of wrestlers trying in every way to highlight and elevate those who have moved from NXT to the main roster. In fact, we have seen several storylines, which can obviously like it or not or be built for good or bad, which have involved talents in the women's division such as Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Toni Storm, Doudrop and so on.

Although some of them already have some background, like Rhea Ripley in the independents, or Toni Storm in Japan, for the WWE main roster they are rookies and those who have to take the place of people like the Four Horsewomen or Natalya.

Speaking on Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday, Natalya, now a veteran of this business, said she loves seeing all these girls taken and put in the spotlight.

Natalya loves the new generation

"We hear a lot about 'fresh, bright, new' and for me, there are a lot of people who have deserved a chance for a long time, Liv Morgan has been in WWE for over six years, and she is not someone who is brand new on the scene, she is a woman who has been there for a long time and who is fighting for an opportunity and a chance.

As much as she may appreciate some of the women who have more opportunities like the Four Horsewomen or when Ronda Rousey was here, she has had a lot of opportunities, I think it's great to give them that power. If you have an opportunity, you'd be an idiot to turn it down, but it's really cool when you see other women having an opportunity and other women having a chance to rise to the occasion and do something extraordinary.

If you see someone like Liv Morgan, and I tweeted about that the other day, being underestimated is often our greatest tool and our greatest asset. It's our biggest chance to climb to the top and prove everyone wrong. I think we're really seeing this with Liv.

She is gaining momentum because she not only believes in herself, but other people are ready to see different people get chances. I'm ready to see Toni Storm have a chance. I want to see Toni Storm become the Smackdown women's champion so that she can kick Toni Storm in the backside.

Toni Storm will beat Charlotte Flair because it's time to stand a chance. Charlotte Flair, it's a tough spot, because there's not much she can do and there are just so many places to go. Once you've done it all and have had and experienced it all, it's really cool to see other women rise to the occasion and stand a chance. I'm thrilled to see Toni Storm have a chance," Natalya said.