Ric Flair shares his thoughts on Jeff Hardy

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Ric Flair shares his thoughts on Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is undoubtedly one of the greatest performers to have transited WWE in the modern era. His high-flying stunts and ability to challenge himself are second to none, having personally contributed to increasing the popularity of wrestling around the world.

The three-time world champion was released by the federation of Vince McMahon following an accident at a live event in Texas. According to some reconstructions, the 'Charismatic Enigma' refused the company's offer to go to rehabilitation again.

Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent for the 'Wrestling Observer', revealed that WWE had no plans to fire Hardy, but the latest vicissitudes left him no choice. Jeff didn't expect to leave the company so soon, in fact, he was full of ideas about the future.

“My goal is to become the Universal champion before I close my career. I live life day by day. I love to entertain people and it was exciting to be back in front of the live audience after a year of silence caused by the pandemic.

Anything is possible in professional wrestling and I'm aiming for the stars” - said Hardy in a recent interview. 16-time World Champion Ric Flair, on the latest episode of the Wooooo Nation Podcast, shared his views on the release of Jeff Hardy by WWE.

Ric Flair opens up on Jeff Hardy

During the latest episode of the 'Wooooo Nation Uncensored' podcast, 16-time world champion Ric Flair gave his opinion on the release of Jeff Hardy. “I love Jeff and I love his wife Beth.

I have a great relationship with both of them and have always had a great time with them. I think - at this point in Jeff's life - getting away from WWE is for the best. Hardy must become aware of his problems and do his utmost to try to solve them" - confided the 'Nature Boy'

Eric Bischoff echoed: “I hope Jeff gets all the help he needs. To do that, he has to get away from the world of wrestling. I hope he doesn't decide to go to AEW, that would be a big mistake. I hope he takes some time to dedicate to himself."

Meltzer further stated that Hardy's problems due to addiction were a point of concern for the promotion, with Jeff rolling out and vanishing into the crowd during his match against the Usos that triggered them more. The Charismatic Enigma did not expect news of his release and had recently declared that he wanted to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.