Charlotte Flair believes she is the only queen

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Charlotte Flair believes she is the only queen

In October we were able to see the highly anticipated Queen's Crown Tournament in WWE, a tournament that is the equivalent of the King of the Ring, but for the women's division, and unfortunately, all expectations have collapsed in the face of something that has left the bitterness in the mouth.

Because if on the one hand, it was nice to write another piece of history in women's wrestling, on the other it was a real disappointment, with matches that if it went well lasted three minutes, otherwise much less, except for the final which lasted around to five minutes.

The winner of that tournament was Zelina Vega, who defeated Doudrop in front of the Crown Jewel audience, winning the title of queen, the throne, the scepter and most characteristic, the famous crown. Charlotte Flair was referred to as the Queen of WWE for a long time.

However, that name hasn't been used for her since Zelina Vega won the Queen's Crown tournament. Speaking with Metro's Alistair McGeorge, Charlotte Flair answered the reporter's question about a possible challenge with what now goes by the name of Queen Zelina, who also recently won tag-team titles alongside Carmella.

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"I don't think I need to fight for a crown, I'm sorry," she said. "I don't think I need a crown to be called The Queen. I'm The Queen. It's silly to me. [Laughs] No offense!

I mean, maybe facing Zelina yes, but to have a Queen vs Queen match? I am the queen of all of them - without a throne. I don't see how - she has a long way to go before I can become that one [a queen ed.] I don't know how to say it? I always wear my invisible crown," Flair said.

Charlotte Flair had already replied in a similar way in August in another interview, when asked, as rumors had circulated about the possibility of doing this tournament, if she would like to participate and she had said no because she is already the queen and he wanted to make room for the others, since she didn't need it.

Recently, among other things, Zelina posted a rather strange tweet, which obviously we do not know if it is a reference to these words of Charlotte, but we bring you the tweet: "Tell me that you are jealous *and narcissist* without telling me that you are jealous *and narcissist*” with the emoji of the waving hand and of a queen, which symbolizes her greeting as she often does on TV. We will see if there is ever this confrontation.