Has WWE banned any of Charlotte Flair's moves?

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Has WWE banned any of Charlotte Flair's moves?

One of the most famous couples formed by father and daughter in the world of pro-wrestling, indeed, in this case, we would venture to say the most famous (together with Vince and Stephanie McMahon) certainly responds to the name of Ric and Charlotte Flair, both faces well known to WWE Universe fans.

Charlotte's father is, in fact, a legendary athlete now retired for years, always with the desire to return in front of the television screens of some important world wrestling company, with his name that has entered practically all the Hall of Fame dedicated to the discipline.

and twice entered the WWE Hall of Fame. The daughter, on the other hand, is the current champion of Friday Night Smackdown, with her collection of world titles that seems to be able to reach and even exceed that of her father, who has won world titles in both WCW and WWE, unlike his daughter, who has won everything in a single federation.

What's next for Charlotte Flair?

In the latest installment of his personal podcast, the Wooooo Nation Uncensored, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair may have revealed one of the biggest problems Vince McMahon has with his wrestlers, with Charlotte Flair, in this case, being her father's influence.

In his latest speech, the Nature Boy indeed stated: "Well, some wrestlers know how to make my moves. I don't think Vince likes it when he does Ashley (Charlotte), because they remind him of me. I have no idea if anyone else may have stolen my moves.

It's funny though, there is to learn day after day, every day, in the match you are in, if someone is watching you - which is very important if you are young in business or have even been put on the card with someone really good.

But I haven't seen many people copying my stuff lately." Apparently, not being able to ban the most renowned moves of the Flair family's style and move set, being part of a school that many athletes use, such as Miz and his Figure 4, Vince McMahon just has to twist his mouth a little, seeing them, without being able to forbid anything to anyone.

During an interview with Metro, Charlotte Flair was asked if she would ever compete in a "Queen vs. Queen" match against Zelina Vega (or Queen Zelina). The SmackDown Women's Champion completely discarded the idea: “I don’t think I need a crown to be called the Queen.

I am the Queen. It’s silly to me. [laughs] No offense! I mean, maybe facing Zelina, but to have a match focused around Queen versus Queen? Like, I’m the Queen of them all – without a throne. I don’t see that as – she has a long way to go before that becomes her… I don’t know how you say it? I always wear my invisible crown,” said Flair.