Fandango opens up on his injury

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Fandango opens up on his injury
Fandango opens up on his injury (Provided by Wrestling World)

Dirty Dango, known as Fandango in WWE, has never won a singles belt with the company, but according to him, he was expected to win the Intercontinental Championship, which never happened due to injury. Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on Insight, the wrestler said, "They were going to put the intercontinental title on me and I got a concussion working with The Great Khali."

Fandango on his injury

Former WWE Superstar Fandango has been confirmed to make his first appearance since leaving the company.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion will appear for Game Changer Wrestling. The wrestler then went on to say, "I didn't tell him I had a concussion, it was a week or two ago. I worked with Khali a couple of weeks off a pay-per-view and we worked like a week before the pay-per-view.

-per-view. If you have a concussion and go out and they hit you again, it's much easier to have a concussion. If you don't give the swelling enough time to calm down, it's very easy to have a concussion again. I had a concussion.

cerebral and kept performing and didn't tell anyone. I think I wrestled Zack Ryder [Matt Cardona] on Long Island and took a shoulder tackle and was completely knocked out. We got through the rest of the match, went to the back, and I thought I just wrestled with Khali because your brain goes back to where you got fucked in the beginning.

[…] For the company's protocol, I was completely wrong. You should tell them when you are injured because they don't want an athlete to get seriously hurt. I grew up in the world of wrestling, if someone gives you the IC title, you don't get out of the game.

It was a difficult time. They took me off the TV for a couple of weeks. I think Curtis Axel won the title. […] Let's say I gave up. I was in development for so long and in my mind, I came to the finish line and I had. […] I got there, I thought I was inside, I was Vince's little minion and I gave up.

It's my fault. GCW will host the upcoming Fight Club event on October 9 and GCW: The Aftermatch on October 10. As things stand, it is still unclear which show Fandango will debut on. In recent months, former WWE Superstars like Matt Cardona and Jon Moxley have appeared on GCW. Surprisingly, both men have won the promotion's World Championship upon their arrival.

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