Kevin Owens explains why he renewed with WWE

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Kevin Owens explains why he renewed with WWE
Kevin Owens explains why he renewed with WWE

The news that is causing the most talk in the last few days is that concerning the signing of the new contract by Kevin Owens for WWE, with the wrestler who, after weeks of rumors about his possible departure from the Stamford-based company, to migrate to other shores, he has instead seen fit to sign a contract extension with the number one company in the world.

Owens' contract will lead the athlete to earn about $2-3 million a year for at least three years, with the Canadian becoming one of the highest-paying WWE Superstars, after Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, the top two highest paid superstars of the entire company.

Apparently, it'd taken very little for Owens to accept the new proposal made by the McMahons, given that in his latest interview, the former Universal Champion revealed how he had to think only of his family, to understand that WWE was the place.

where he was to stay, for the sake of his wife and children.

Kevin Owens has signed a three-year deal with WWE

To the microphones of his latest interview with the podcast Les Anti-Pods e la Lutte by Pat Laprade, WWE French-language commentator, Kevin Owens wanted to reveal the real reason why he chose to sign the renewal with WWE, saying: "I just want to say that my contract will expire on January 31st anyway, but not in 2022 anymore.

He will still be with WWE for several years. The decision was easy enough because it was the best thing for my family, really. When you get to this point, it's always an easy decision to make. WWE has been my home for seven years, so I feel a sense of belonging.

Basically, I've spent most of my career here. When I look at all the wrestling companies I've fought for in WWE, that's where I've been the most time. There is where I need to be for the next few years. I felt that way and so I made this decision." As per Dave Meltzer, Kevin Owens has signed a three-year deal with WWE.

The former Universal Champion will reportedly be paid somewhere around $2-3 million per year. Meltzer also confirmed Sean Ross Sapp's latest report that Owens' new WWE deal doesn't have a "no-cut" clause. Back in early 2016, Owens spoke about how he was bound to become WWE Champion, sooner or later: "I think I’m already in consideration for that.

I’m being put in the ring with guys like Roman Reigns, I’m main-eventing a lot of the live events, and I’ve only been here for seven months. I don’t think me becoming WWE world champion is at all out of the realm of possibility."

Kevin Owens

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