Kevin Owens could have joined AEW

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Kevin Owens could have joined AEW
Kevin Owens could have joined AEW

In recent weeks, in web wrestling, there have been several interesting news that has unleashed the entire panorama of the world wrestling discipline. If two of NXT's top wrestlers let go of their deal that tied them to WWE, with Kyle O'Reilly and Johnny Gargano becoming free agents, another great WWE name could have made the same end.

We are obviously talking about Kevin Owens, whose contract with the McMahons is expiring at the end of January and was instead renewed for several other years by the Stamford-based company, by mutual agreement with the wrestler, who will thus receive a sumptuous salary between two to three million dollars a year thanks to this signature.

In the last few weeks before his renewal, however, there had been a lot of talk about the fact that Owens could sign a new contract with All Elite Wrestling, with several former colleagues and friends of the WWE Prizefighter, who had advertised the Canadian boy also with the colleagues of the AEW.

Kevin Owens could have gone to AEW

In one of the latest updates reported by the well-known overseas podcast, the Fightful Select, the real thoughts of the AEW roster and the insiders of the company of the Khans would have emerged, who had hoped for a while that Kevin Owens could have signed with them, with the American journalists who in fact reported: "Fightful spoke to several people involved in AEW, including a couple of people who had predicted Owens' possible jump into the company.

Most of them remained happy for him and believe that in any case the agreement can remain on the table at the end of this other agreement and also report the fact that the wrestler has remained on good terms with everyone or at least with most of the insiders.

An AEW source also said 'everyone who knows Kevin knows what his priorities are and that family comes first so you just have to be happy for him.' " Kevin Owens has re-signed with WWE and will be paid a handsome amount of money over the next three years.

As per Fightful, WWE made "an excellent offer" to Kevin Owens to stay with the company, which the former Universal Champion accepted. The report also stated that many talents in AEW believed the promotion couldn't match the offer.

Owens' contract with WWE was due to expire in January. Over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of speculation regarding Kevin Owens' future with WWE. Several fans and pundits expected the Canadian star to jump ship and join AEW.

Kevin Owens Aew

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