Johnny Gargano has many dreams for the future


Johnny Gargano has many dreams for the future

In the last two weeks, two other very important wrestlers now ex NXT and ex WWE, have decided to leave the WWE at the natural expiration of their contract, without accepting any of the proposals made by the McMahons, to make them stay and work with them.

Obviously, we are talking about the well-known Johnny Gargano and Kyle O'Reilly, two of the most historic NXT athletes, still active in the rings of the WWE multi-color show, even after the change of format that the company wanted to make in the last period, with their interests that have however moved to other shores, where the two could soon migrate, as already done by illustrious colleagues such as Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole, or even before Andrade and the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper).

If for O'Reilly this move could already be imminent, not having the non-compete clause of at least 30 days for the WWE, since he was not fired, for Johnny Wrestling, the situation could be a bit slower, being the athlete expecting their first child in February, from his wife Candice LaRae.

Johnny Gargano has a great talent

As if the rumors of the last few days weren't enough, this time Johnny Gargano also started to tease his fans and insiders about his possible landing in the All Elite Wrestling rings, with the athlete who has appeared in the last few days a lot on Twitch, where he opened a personal channel after leaving the scene with WWE and where he also talked about the future with fans, not excluding entering through the doors of the AEW, which would also be open for him.

In his latest speech on the well-known online TV, Gargano said: "I think Kenny Omega is one, if not the best, of the best wrestlers in the world right now. I know perfectly well that he and I are a dream match for a lot of people and it is definitely one of my dream matches too.

Who knows what can happen one day, far or near it." While speaking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Foley shared his thoughts on Johnny Gargano's departure. He described how he believes Gargano owes it to himself to evaluate all the options that are available to him.

The WWE Hall of Famer also expressed that WWE's history of misusing stars the same size as Gargano was a cause for concern. “I was kind of vocal in the past few months about the releases that were made and how some talent was being treated," said Foley.

"And how, if I was a young talent, I’d really have to think twice before trusting the creative team to do the right thing for me."

Johnny Gargano