Bret Hart States That He Has No Interest In Returning to WWE

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Bret Hart States That He Has No Interest In Returning to WWE

Bret Hart is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer and he recently stated that he has no interest in returning to the WWE as an on-screen character. Most legends that can no longer wrestle usually return as managers or take up other roles within the WWE.

However, it appears that Bret has no such interest. He spoke about this on Canada Walk of Fame Induction during a Q&A Session with his fans. He jokingly stated that he would probably return for a one-off match. He suggested that he could fight Donald Trump in the ring with Vince McMahon as the special guest referee.

Bret Hart Does Not Wish to Return to The WWE

“I mean if there was something where it’s like I could wrestle Donald Trump at WrestleMania and Vince McMahon was gonna referee it or something,” Hart said.

“I’d hear it out because it’d be funny to hear it but the thought of me going in there and wrestling somebody is pretty unlikely and as far as managers and all that kind of stuff, I don’t – Bret Hart was a wrestler, not a manager and I don’t wanna be remembered as a manager and so I would never do it”.

The Hitman added, “I was a great wrestler. I don’t wanna be a referee either and I don’t wanna be a commentator because everything I say hurts. Sometimes I can be too honest”. He revealed that he has no time to work as an on-screen character in the WWE.

“I have no time to do that,” Hart admitted. “I did my time on the road. I like to think I saved my money and I like to get away once in a while and do the odd little bit here and there or do, you know, anything sometimes to get out of the house but at the same time, my days of sort of playing a character for wrestling, I don’t need it that bad and I’m happy kind of just making up time with my grandkids and being home and you know, kind of smiling about stuff like that”.

Bret Hart is known as “the best there is, the best there was, and the best that there ever will be”. Some people believe that he is the best wrestler of all time. His career came to a very abrupt end when he got concussed after Bill Goldberg kicked him on his face that resulted in a severe concussion.