WWE Hall of Famer praises The Miz


WWE Hall of Famer praises The Miz

One of the athletes of the WWE who started practically from scratch with the Stamford federation, being almost inexperienced at the most when he landed on the WWE rings and who then managed to even become world champion, winning the WWE Championship twice, once even recently, is The Miz.

The former Money in the Bank winner, in fact managed to snatch the title of world champion twice thanks to the collection with the suitcase of the homonymous match with the stairs, with his character who went from mid-carding to the main event , on several occasions, always bringing to the stage great promos and optimal performances.

Although The Miz is not technically a monster in the pro-wrestling ring, like many other peers, such as various AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Kurt Angle and many other WWE athletes from the past, the athlete has always proven to be up to par.

of competitions, managing to tell a storyline that is always linear and consistent with his character, also thanks to the tips of the management and the various colleagues to whom he has been supported over time.

Booker T praises The Miz

In the latest episode of the podcast of the historians Brisco and Bradshaw, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, who recently also dedicated himself to podcasts with his Hall of Fame, wanted to sing the praises of the former WWE Champion, The Miz, saying to the broadcast microphones: "The Miz is just the type that he persevered in every way possible and proved that he 'was born to work hard' Sometimes it's the people who do the hard work.

It doesn't always take a lot of talent to get to a certain level, sometimes just hard work is enough. For this I give The Miz so much credit. He is someone who could have walked away and said 'I'm out, this is not for me'" In practice, according to the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, The Miz's greatest gifts would be perseverance and hard work, always and in any case, on every occasion.

Only thanks to those, the athlete managed to get to the top floors of the company, in a few years. John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) went on to praise the 41-year-old for his work with the media throughout his career. “You talk about his work ethic… he does everything.

When I was working in media, they needed somebody for a show, they go, ‘Oh, Miz will do it.’ And he was fantastic. When he did it and showed up, everybody in that studio fell in love with him. He said hi to everybody, he worked his a** off, and then he went to another appearance,” JBL added.

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