WWE fans sing chants for CM Punk


WWE fans sing chants for CM Punk

One of the most well-known faces in the pro-wrestling world of the last 15 years is certainly CM Punk, an athlete who has risen to the headlines from his now historic Pipe Bomb, shown live on Monday Night Raw, in which the wrestler shot zero against all the greatest authorities of the WWE: from Vince McMahon to Stephanie McMahon, through John Cena and Triple H.

Since that day, CM Punk has been literally idolized by a very wide audience of the WWE Universe, which has always sought him out with chants, banners and online messages, until the athlete reappeared after 7 years of inactivity in the ring.

of All Elite Wrestling, constituting one of the loudest roars that a live audience has ever encountered on the return of an athlete. All of this seemed to have stopped WWE Universe fans from trying to get Chicago's talent back to the McMahon company rings.

All this, however, until tonight, where in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired right from Chicago, the hometown of the Second City Savior, where the public began to call the athlete in a loud voice while going in a spoken segment is broadcast.

Fans love CM Punk

Just as the Happy Talk, a special talk show by WWE Superstar Happy Corbin, in the company of henchman Moss was airing, the Smackdown audience decided to start shouting the name of CM Punk at the top of their lungs, with the athlete from the blue show.

who pretended nothing happened, continuing his speech and not giving weight to it. The choirs lasted a few seconds and were clearly heard both by the audience in the hall and by the audience following the episode live, but most likely, all the versions that will now go around the world, will be cut and sewn by the WWE IT team.

It is common practice, in fact, that in the segments in which errors occur or in which there are (precisely, as in this case) choruses or unpleasant events (such as the fan's attack on Seth Rollins on Raw), WWE go and edit the live show in post-production, extensively editing the show.

Although CM Punk has been back for months, and is fighting in the AEW rings, WWE fans continue to call his name, to try to make him win that imaginary war and pride that the athlete still has towards the McMahons and the company.

number one in the world. While many fans are hoping to see the Straight Edge Society or something along those lines in AEW, CM Punk should avoid doing the same WWE things in AEW. Nostalgia can be difficult to shake off, and if fans truly miss those times they should rewatch old matches. Trying to relive the past can often hinder any steps toward the future. This is something AEW will look to avoid.

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