Diamond Dallas Page has a high esteem for a young star

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Diamond Dallas Page has a high esteem for a young star

Last Friday in the latest episode of AEW Rampage, Taz's son, Hook, made his ring debut, which literally drove all AEW fans crazy, who already see him as a future phenomenon. Apparently, the boy, who is only 22 years old, after an excellent performance, has attracted the attention of several personalities even within the business, such as that of the legend Diamond Dallas Page, who has a wonderful opinion about him.

Diamond Dallas Page has revealed a heart-touching story regarding the late, great, Eddie Guerrero. Taking to Twitter, Page detailed the Halloween Havoc match with Eddie Guerrero. He further wrote that Guerrero was supposed to win but unfortunately couldn’t, as he was hurt.

Guerrero was so hurt he could not even perform his finisher, the Frog Splash.

Diamond Dallas Page was inducted into the WWE HOF

Speaking on the Sportskeeda news site's The Bro Show, the man was really excited about Hook's debut, even calling him the, "Young Marlon Brando of wrestling", which is a really nice compliment.

"That guy has it [the determining factor ed]. I met him while they were filming the Team Taz vs. Sting & Darby Allin match. I went out there to check what was going on, saw Taz and met Hook. He's a great guy, a handsome guy, Taz's wife must be beautiful as hell because he's not.

He's a very macho type, but that guy is super handsome. He has THAT kind of factor. Women will love him, and guys would love to go out with him, and he has great hair. " Then he concluded by declaring, "His work in the ring didn't seem to be a debut.

He did a lot of Shoot stuff. I'll tell you he's the young Marlon Brando of wrestling. Fuego is a great worker too. You can't have a bad match with that. boy. He (Hook) did a lot of things that were a mixture of judo and shooting. Wrestling is great when you shoot, but you get busy." Hook really broke into everyone's hearts, even surpassing Cm Punk, after weeks and weeks, in sales on the merchandising site dedicated to All Elite Wrestling, climbing to the top of the standings.

Diamond Dallas Page is regarded as one of the biggest legends of the pro wrestling industry. DDP, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017, has made cameo appearances for the company in recent years and also competed in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32.