The war between WWE and AEW continues

AEW has steadily built up an incredible roster of wrestling talent

by Simone Brugnoli
The war between WWE and AEW continues

In the world of pro-wrestling, especially since social networks have forcefully entered our lives, it is common to see many people arguing, even wrestlers or very important insiders of WWE or other major world promotions.

In the recent past, in fact, we have seen the most surprising back and forth that we would ever have imagined, between high-calibre WWE Superstars and other Hollywood actors or singers, with some names that have become familiar with making releases like that, from Randy Orton to Kevin Owens, passing through Batista and CM Punk.

All these great athletes have had at least one bickering online, on various social networks such as Twitter or Instagram, with fans following all these "soap operas" with popcorn in hand. This time, it even happened between two athletes from a different company: we are talking about Darby Allin, former TNT Champion of All Elite Wrestling and Cora Jade, emerging NXT athlete of WWE.

In the past few years, Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, apologized to a few WWE and AEW Superstars for different reasons. Triple H and Stephanie currently hold executive positions in WWE. The Game is the Chief Operating Officer of Vince McMahon's company.

He is also the man in charge of running NXT. Stephanie, on the other hand, is the Chief Brand Officer.

Clash between WWE and AEW

As you have probably seen, the entry of the new NXT lever, Cora Jade, is carried out via a skateboard, an element that also distinguishes the character of Darby Allin, who has practiced this sport since he was a child.

After seeing the girl's entry to NXT, Allin wanted to throw a jab through her Twitter profile, putting a lot of nervousness on her, writing (in a message later deleted): "Cora Jade, skating is a huge part of my life, not a fictional character to bring to TV lol." To these words, she then wanted to respond to the person concerned, the NXT athlete, who obviously annoyed, replied with a surprising phrase that was then deleted just like the comment of the AEW colleague: "Being a good person with no allegations of abuse against me is a big part of my life and not just a character I bring on TV." Obviously, the wrestler's words referred to the complaint that came about in the SpeakingOut movement against Darby Allin, when a flood of people had denounced various wrestlers for attempts at rape or other types of violence, physical and otherwise, in which Matt had also ended up WWE Riddle.