Hannibal Comments on Stabbing Referee Lando DelToro

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Hannibal Comments on Stabbing Referee Lando DelToro
Hannibal Comments on Stabbing Referee Lando DelToro

Hannibal is a moderately known indie wrestler and he recently spoke about the stabbing incident that occurred at the World Class Pro Wrestling event in Irvin. He actually stabbed the referee Lando DelToro who worked at the event.

Lando was badly wounded during an angle. He later claimed that he never agreed to the spot, which reportedly resulted in his getting one of his arteries ruptured in his head. Hannibal recently released a statement in which he stated that the organization that he was working for knew about the angle.

Hannibal Talks About The Incident That Resulted in Lando DelToro Being Hospitalized

“The World Class Wrestling office was aware of this angle and they had approved it,” Hannibal claimed. “And I did find a referee myself.

Here’s a conversation I had with a referee before the show where he said he had bled before the hard way. The hard way is not blading with razor blade cuts, but actually bleeding from direct trauma from the head. He was okay with the angle.

He was going to cut himself with razor blades in the match when the match ended. He was not supposed to referee the actual match, or any other matches on the show that evening at all. The World-Class Pro Wrestling owner had said he wasn’t aware of this angle.

But here’s a message of me telling the World Class Wrestling owner that the referee was going to come down at the end, and he actually makes a joke that he hopes I’m not paying him much. They put this match on before intermission with me vs.

Carlito because they expected the referee to get a lot of blood. He said he was going to get good color, and he actually told my girlfriend before the match that he was going to get a really good color too. And he told the Daily Beast, an actual quote here ‘a proper blading requires three things.

Aspirin, preferably a shot of whiskey to thin your blood, and you also need to sweat.’ So if he believes whiskey and aspirin help thin your blood to make you bleed more, I didn’t see him take a shot of whiskey or aspirin before the match, but I’m going to assume he must have to get the blood flowing better”.