Big E Talks About His New Practice

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Big E Talks About His New Practice

Big E is currently enjoying his reign as the WWE Champion and he recently spoke about his new practice. Big E won the WWE Title several months ago by beating Bobby Lashley for it. As He is the WWE Champion, he has a few responsibilities now outside the ring as well, as he is in demand.

Big E used to be a member of the popular group The New Day. He has been under the limelight before, so that is the reason why he can handle the attention that he is getting when he is the WWE Champion.

Big E Speaks About Managing His Time With His New Commitments

“As busy as I’ve been, and it can be tiring and you have sleepless nights, but I’m having so much fun,” Big E told The Sun.

Big E states that he has started meditating. It appears that he may not have been meditating before he became the WWE champion. “That has been a godsend for me,” Big E explained. “And I think that I’ve really learned to do a better job of being in the moment and present.

“I still think too much about the future and the past,” Big E continued. “But I think one of the benefits of that is that I don’t spend time overthinking or worrying, it’s just kind of tackling what’s in front of me”.

As noted before, this is most likely a new addition to Big E’s routine. He admitted that being WWE Champion did wear him down a bit in the past. “I know within me that I’m ready for this and can do everything in front of me,” Big E said.

“In many ways, this year of being aged 35 has been the best year of my life”. He has to make a lot of media appearances since he became the WWE champion. That is the reason why he has to manage his time and health very well.

“Before it might be media once a week or every other week,” Big E recalled. “But now when I look at my calendar, we have red dots, and every day I have a red dot which means I’ve got a work obligation.

“I looked at November and it was just red dot day after day,” Big E continued. “I didn’t have my first full day off until the day before Thanksgiving”.