What were WWE's plans for Sonya Deville?

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What were WWE's plans for Sonya Deville?

One of the most loved and followed WWE athletes of the last period, despite not currently being used by the management of the Stamford-based federation as a wrestler but as an official on-screen, is Sonya Deville, former MMA fighter athlete, who works in the rings of the WWE for a few years.

After leaving the scene after last year's edition of Summerslam, where Sonya lost a "Loser Leaves WWE match" to Mandy Rose, the girl faced some personal problems when she was called to court to file her version.

against a stalker who had pursued her for months and who had even managed to sneak into her house, setting off the alarm. Back after months in the rings of the Stamford company, or rather in the backstage of the company, Sonya Deville has no longer worked as a wrestler but has been taken by the management alongside Adam Pearce, as official assistant of the former NWA Champion, but what appears, these weren't supposed to be the plans Deville should have been following up until now, with the athlete feuding with Naomi at Smackdown.

Backstage news on Sonya Deville

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known site with the podcast, Fightful Select, the initial idea of WWE was to make Sonya Deville also reappear in the ring, not carrying out her role as an official on-screen, in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

female of the homonymous ppv. In the latest podcast update, overseas journalists reported that: "During the revolution that was brought to Smackdown around Money in the Bank in July, we can confirm that WWE had prepared and therefore was ready some graphics that saw the Deville inside the Money in the Bank as a participant.

Obviously, it didn't happen in the end and the whole thing was thrown away”. Who knows what other plans the WWE had ready for her athlete instead of having her continue the storyline alongside Adam Pearce backstage of Raw and Smackdown? Sonya Deville has only had one match since she returned to WWE this year.

It wasn't even a proper bout, as she teamed up with Shayna Basler to take on Naomi in a handicap match on SmackDown. During a recent interview, Deville named Becky Lynch as the person she'd like to face at WrestleMania.

"I’ve always said that I would love to face Becky Lynch because I just think the dichotomy of her character and my character would be so cool. There would be a lot of large energy in the room and I think that would be a really cool matchup," said Deville.