WWE has changed plans for Roman Reigns

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WWE has changed plans for Roman Reigns

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired a couple of days ago, we saw how Roman Reigns abandoned the services of his personal advisor, Paul Heyman, attacking him and then being attacked by the historical wrestler followed by the Mad Genius: Brock Lesnar.

After weeks in which it was not clear which side Heyman was, whether from that of the Tribal Chief or from that of the former WWE Champion, in the end, the Universal champion thought about making a final decision, who fired Heyman live, then hitting him with a Superman Punch and later even tried to hit him with a con-chair-to.

Brock Lesnar finally arrived to save Heyman, and who thus launched the definitive challenge to the Universal champion for Day One, which will air in just a few days, with the two who will clash once again in a titled contest, which will air on the first day of the new year.

What's next for Roman Reigns?

While the final plans were what we saw during the FOX live, WWE management initially had other things in mind for Roman Reigns, with the blue show lineup having been extensively altered within hours of the show being broadcast.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Fightful Select, in fact, originally Roman Reigns should have opened Smackdown with a promo in the ring and not only close the show, with overseas journalists who in fact stated: "Roman Reigns was originally slated to open WWE Smackdown on December 17th with an in-ring promo, which was eventually moved to the main event area.

Usos vs New Day has also been moved internally for the main event and has therefore been adjusted." According to overseas reporters, there should also have been a sit-down interview with Brock Lesnar, with the talent living in Canada.

who, on the other hand, never appeared in front of the cameras in the company of any federation interviewer. When Paul Heyman first began working as the special counsel for Roman Reigns, he was new to being a heel. The Tribal Chief was just a phrase and didn't have any kind of power behind it.

For almost two years, Heyman has been molding Roman Reigns into a better character and his promos have reached the point where they are some of the best in the company. The Usos could also lose their Championships in a few weeks' time, leading to the downfall of The Bloodline and leaving Reigns alone at the table.